YOU: May 31st, 2020

Photo by Ketan Kumawat on
In the beginning
belonged to yourself
You were a leaf
that fell from a tree
You soared away
Into another land
You settle in
a cozy nest
a new utopia
Now you no longer belong
to yourself
Your loyalty is in
this nest
You transform into a bird
to match your new home 
You sing a song
the nest commands
in exchange for
One day, the nest tells you
you must leave
you're too special
Confused, you fly to the sea
crying little bird tears
In need of rest you perch on a pier
that meets the sea
The sea welcomes you openly
although to stay you must continue to sing
The sea liked the song you sang in the nest
Though you're tired of singing
You continue
You want the sea to love you too
This bird version of you no longer suits you
You wonder if it ever did
Unable to live in the sea as a bird
Unable to change again 
You remain perched on that pier
Desire to roam
Wishing for the greenness you felt when
you were once just a leaf
Flowing freely in the whistling winds of your truth
You remain on the pier
Cracked voice, tears flowing you sing their song
When you lift your wing to dry your eye
You notice something
Your singing stops
Its a small green patch of leaf-like feathers
Part of your old body 
to your new body
Your home was never the nest nor the sea
That song was not yours either
In this moment
New melody reinvented
set the tone
tell the story
When you remember
belong to
Not the tree
the nest
the sea

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