Dear Adoption, You Are a Controversy Disguised

Reblog of my Dear Adoption letter from October 2017.


Dear Adoption, You Are a Controversy Disguised

When people asked me how old I was when I found out I was adopted, I laugh. I have always known. It’s sort of impossible to not know I am adopted. I am a dark-skinned Indian girl with long, black hair. This is a stark difference to my family’s caucasian skin and light features. I always knew I was ADOPTED.

I think the more appropriate question would be asking if I understand my adoption story. I would answer, “I’m still trying”.

Adoption, you are more complex than I ever could have imagined. My child self has ingrained on it that “I was a gift. I was loved. I was loved so much that someone wanted a better life for me” in order to combat any negative feelings I might have about my adoption. Unfortunately, the feeling of unwantedness cannot be eliminated through these…

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One response to “Dear Adoption, You Are a Controversy Disguised”

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing such personal feelings. Your journey will continue and it will unfold on its own time. Teaching overseas was part of that journey!


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